SkechAir Extreme V2 BRAZEN M

Rs. 34,100
SKU: 232256
Category: Men
Color - Black Red
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Great cushioning
Enjoy comfortable shoes all day! The Memory Foam insole will provide you with cushioning for your feet and it also adjusts to the unique shape of your feet.

Classic laces
Laces are the most popular way to fasten shoes, and they also function as a stylish add-on.

Airy interior
This shoe model has an interior lined with a durable and soft material, which guarantees comfort and ventilation.

Fabric upper
The upper is made of a durable material that has great breathability properties. These are uniquely comfortable shoes for daily use – especially for the city.

Innovative sole
The sole of these shoes is made of innovative material, which gives the shoes a sporty and modern look, and at the same time provides comfort in daily use.

Tough insole
This shoe model – thanks to the insole made of high-quality and durable material – fits perfectly to the shape of your feet and provides comfort.

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